Thursday, May 28, 2015

India a Nation Without Identity Heading For Destruction

India is losing once more by focusing on Israel-US engineered external threats rather than its internal failures. India is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap. It is an economically, socially and politically failed state for majority of its 1.2 billion citizens; who can not solve its socio-economic, religious and political problems including its Land dispute with Pakistan since 1948 over Kashmir. 

Indian citizens rich and poor are sick of its Political Leaders; they consider them morally, ethically, financially and legally corrupt as well as uncaring for the less fortunate. India a majority Hindu country of 1.2 billion where 665 mil Indians practice open defecation against 37 mil defecate in open in China with almost 1.5 billion people. 700 million Hindus are living in poverty in India, which includes 70 million Hindu Child Labor Force. In fact India has the largest Army of 85 million Child Labor out of 800 million poor living in dire poverty. India’s dismal record after 6 decades of independence in literacy, social hygiene, health, female child survival rate, diarrhea deaths, farmer suicides, mass deforestation and mass increase in poverty is big shame on those who says India is shining. 

India’s elite world famous Billionaires part of the 56 million filthy rich Indians are living side by side with almost a billion poor and treat them as sub humans who are burden for the country. It looks like Indian Leadership political, religious and business rather than being ashamed of this, are proud to have more than 800 million Indians living under extreme poverty & inhuman conditions. They have the insanity to say “India is shining”. A  former diplomat, politician, author and thinker Pavan Varma wrote in his book “Being Indian” that in the Indian elite “there is a remarkable tolerance for inequality, filth and human suffering”. He adds that “concern for the deprived and the suffering is not a prominent feature of the Indian personality. The rich in India have always lived a life quite oblivious to the ocean of poverty around them”. Less than 10-15 minutes from every slum in any major city of India there are very expansive heavily guarded residential areas with houses rather mini palaces costing few million dollars to $1 Billion Mukesh Ambani’s Palace. One city: two universes.

Such failures have gone largely unaddressed for past 6 decades and still are not being addressed with honesty by any of the Indian leader. This is sending India to a tipping point that will prove more dangerous to its very existence as one nation than any threat from Pakistan trained terrorist fighting an unholy war in the name of religion.

Democracy means an independent judiciary with common civil, criminal & personal laws for every citizen and a culture that values expression as well as equal respect for all religions. In America, Europe and Canada Democracy also means that citizenship and nationality are one and the same. But that’s not the case in India. People are first Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian etc. then they are Jat, Ahir, Brahmin, Vashya, Kayasth, Kshatriya, Bhapey, Ramgariye, Shia, Suni, Wahabi, Catholic, Protestant etc. and then they are Gujarati, Bihari, Bengali, Punjabi, Madrasi, Maratha, Gujarati, Rajasthani etc None of them ever feel or say they are Indian first.

Indian Democracy is fractured multi religious and multi regional democracy. There was a time to be part of the collective elite in the Federal government and its enterprise of license Raj to promote incompetent enterprises; a citizen must be part of Hindu clan. Although all other religious minorities as per the constitution are supposedly equal citizens. A distorted solution called 60% “Reservations” based on Caste, Religion and Region in the name of equality was adopted and is still being practiced knowingly that it has produced more rift among communities rather than bringing them closer to each other. Despite this knowledge Indian leaders now wants to implement Women’s Reservation in every sphere of life to widen the rift among the different sections of the society. Caste and gender based Reservations is a major factor that confirms that there is no such thing as Indian Nation.

India lacks an identity that supersedes caste, ethnicity, religion, gender and region, which can unify all its citizens as equal members of a shared Nation with a shared destiny reached through common goals. The multi-fractured nature of Indian society goes beyond the healthy human disagreement and debate inherent to a healthy democracy, instead prompting the question whether India’s 1.2 billion citizens; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian further sub-divided into more factions are actually want to be “Indians’.

For India to be a successful democracy it must address its internal instabilities to avoid disintegration of North, South, East and West to pre British era rule of small providences ruled by feudal lords. Big decisions are pending for decades demanding national consensus that will affect the future composition of India, internal peace and security from hostile neighbors namely China and Pakistan. In question are not only the relationship between Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist and Christians but also between religious and seculars and between Maratha and Biharis, North Indians and South Indians, Gujarati Hindus and the rest of the Hindus.

For India to be at peace with its neighbors namely Pakistan, it must first be at peace with itself. It is a hefty and long delayed process but there are few objectives Indian leaders across the board from every religion, caste, region and every citizen must join together to work towards in building an Indian identity.

1. There should be one Education system for all. Today multiple splintered groups of citizens attend multiple kinds of schools that deliver different kinds of curriculum and religious message including hate for other religions. The majority well to do Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Jain etc enroll in private schools, similar to any other western country. Religious among them as well as not so well to do study in semi-publicly funded religious schools run by Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christian Charities to propagate their religion is better than other religions. Muslims and Christians are using them to encourage conversions with anti-Hindu agenda and Sikhs are using them to spread hatred against Hindus as well to rewrite history that Sikhism is not connected to Hinduism in any manner. Largely underserved poor from all ethnic and religious back ground attend state/municipal schools famous for no teachers, no buildings or run down buildings with hardly any facilities for physical or educational training.

How does Children from a society especially like India with multi religious, multi region and multi groups with in one religion can forge an identity who grow up with different understanding of their country? How do citizens learn to live together and respect each other when they are raised in a hate filled segregated environment promoting one religion to be superior over others, one class from the same religion is superior to other classes of the same religion and one region of India is superior than the other?

2. Civil Service must be made compulsory for all citizens disregarding their social, political, religious and financial status for a minimum of 2 years during the age of 18 to 24. Serving one’s own community in India through civil service or military service with emphasis on service and self sacrifice will make sense. The minorities across the board whether Dalit Hindus, Muslims, Christians & Sikhs would have a better opportunity when demanding equality and respect.

3. A confusing constitution with special rights and privileges to one religion and few regions is most glaring deficiency of Indian democracy. India must ratify a constitution that enshrines equal rights and protection for all citizens; recognize all indigenous minority are separate religion from majority Hindu religion but still preserve the Hindu character of the country in the same way as America is quote, unquote a Christian nation but the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jain, Jews and other minorities has no trouble living there. A constitution is the ultimate symbol of national unity: One Country One Law; one document from which all citizens will be judged equally, fairly and respectfully.

4. India must abolish its caste, religion and region based Reservation policies in education, legislature and government jobs. This policy has failed to serve its purpose. Those who need help are not getting it at all. All financial help should be purely based on economic status of the family for basic necessities of life and education purposes only up to under graduate level. When it comes to professional/degree colleges and government jobs; Merit must prevail. Once they make it through merit the financial assistance can kick in again for those who need it and can not afford to pay.

5. To tackle the rising population, which is responsible for poverty to major extent. India must adopt 1 Child per Family for a minimum of 30 years. All Indians must understand you can not grow land and natural resources. India with over 1.2 billion people is already overpopulated, which is putting constraints on natural resources.  The adoption of 1 Child per Family is only possible when every body start thinking they are Indian first before they are any thing else.

Lack of Indian identity is tearing the country apart, why no Indian leader Political, Religious or Business has seriously gone down the path of installing an Indian identity among its citizens? Attacking external religious extremism has always been preferable to Indian politicians rather than confronting its own home grown religious fanatics and failures to provide for its citizens.

Indian political, religious and business leaders must pay attention to the vast majority of Indians whose voice they are ignoring. They are the sane and rational India with their hopes for better future, looking for progress, prosperity along with peace and harmony among all citizens. In the Parliamentary Elections their voices are barely heard because all the Indian Politicians are promoting their early 19th century policies based on caste, religion and backwardness not nationalism the “Indian Identity”. A new twist to make things worse is Israeli influence among the majority Hindu community in main political Parties namely Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, Janta Dal and Samajwadi Party of Industrialist Anil Ambani. On top of that the Zionist Economic Policies Congress aka BJP have implemented in India are for rich only with no scope of economic progress for 90% of Indians. These policies will ultimately break India into pieces like Russia or make it a moral, ethical, financial and military wreck like America under Israeli slavery. If Indians are really serious in saving their country they must look beyond Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, VHP etc. who are ruining India by accepting the Israeli slavery of India like America.  

Dave Makkar


SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH "There can be no equality, not even in politics and before the law, so long as there is glaring inequality in economic power."

India has blindly adopted the Zionist Economic Policies, without taking into account America; a one time Super Power is barely crawling and can’t even walk under the load of these Anti-common people and Pro 1% Rich policies. The top 1% owns 43% of the US assets, 9% owns 40%, 10% owns 10% and bottom 80% owns princely 7% US assets. Today   America  has 50 mil people on Food Stamps, 20 mil unemployed, 30 mil under-employed, 16 mil children facing hunger, 2.5 mil homeless youth and 70 mil with no health insurance. Above all $17 Trillion external debts, $4 Trillion state government debt and $175 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Today if you sell every American’s assets the total that can be realized is $78 trillion!

US Economic Policies a Perfect recipe to kill the   Main Street  of any Country (Data & Charts) 


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