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Why Hinduwadi’s are Obsessed with Cow? 

Cow is not Sacred and Beef is not Forbidden to Hindus, according to Vedas
The current atmosphere  in India on the issue of cow defies all sane logics, Hindu religious Texts, thousands of years old sacred history, historians and scholars.  On one hand the current Modi government talks of making India the biggest economic power in the world surpassing America and China. On the other hand his own party and his Hindu affiliate’s members talk of what people can eat or can not eat, how many children the Hindu couples should produce, what the women should wear, adult girls can not be seen in the company of opposite sex friends, Hindu girl can not marry a non-Hindu and any criticism of government policies make you anti-national that includes refusing to say Bharat Mata ki Jai or Cow is our mother.

Modi himself and his team members are biggest hypocrites on the issue of cow or meat. As CM of Gujarat under Modi meat production 10,600 tons in 2001-2 went up to 35,286 tons in 2011-12. Still Modi accused UPA government for cow slaughter for their support to meat exporters “Pink Revolution” during the run up to the 2014 elections that brought him to power. Ironically under Modi’s watch bovine/cow meat export has gone up by 70% according to the Commerce Ministry website. Now India is number 1 exporter of bovine/cow meat in the world.

Modi’s confidante Amit Shah during the 2014  campaign made several speeches that cow slaughter will not be banned in north eastern states of India. As BJP’s party president on May 28, 2015 in Goa; Amit Shah ruled out a nation-wide beef-ban or cow slaughter.  Union Government and Goa Government both under BJP are jointly running a slaughterhouse in Goa.

Sangeet Som, the Hindutva poster boy & one of the main accused in 2013 Muzzafarnagar communal riots, UP Assembly Member and now Minister in Adityanath Yogi’s government; had been personally associated with two meat processing and export companies, Al-Dua and Al-Anam. Al-Dua is one of the India's leading halal meat export companies which exports meat to Arab countries.

BJP candidate Sreeprakash on April 2, 2017 in the run up to the Mallapuram Lok Sabha by election in Kerala said, “I will ensure quality beef and standard abattoirs in my constituency.”

Modi’s Minister of State for Home Affairs Kiren Rijiju in Aizwal on May 27, 2017 said that, “I eat beef, I’m from Arunachal Pradesh and can any body stop  me? So let us not be touchy about somebody’s practices. This is a Democratic country. Sometime some statements are made which are not palatable.” Kiren Rijiju also described as “unpalatable” his colleague Mukhtar Abbas Naqvi’s remarks that those who eat beef should go to Pakistan, and questioned whether anyone could stop him from eating beef. The BJP leaders in Arunachal, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Mizoram, Nagaland have been making statements to their constituents, sale of beef at subsidized rates is their commitment to them. After the new Cattle Trade Rules announced by the Modi government they went to the extent of saying “No Beef No Support to BJP”

BJP’s Karnataka spokesperson Vaman Acharya on May 28, 2017 while participating in a panel discussion on Suvarna News opposed the beef ban. He said that people from all communities including the Brahmin community, consumed beef. Before India became an agrarian nation, beef had been a staple diet. Even today, several people, including indigenous tribes in the North Eastern States consumed beef as a staple. Acharya had also said that as chairman of the Karnataka Pollution Control Board, he gave permission for the setting up of 16 abattoirs in the State.  Lastly, he had said that he didn’t subscribe to the religious sentimentality attached to the cattle. He retracted his statements on June 6, 2017 under party pressure.

Modi’s Home Minister Rajnath Singh in Aizwal on June 12, 2017, said that people are free to choose what they want to eat.  When asked about protests against the government’s ban on sale of cattle for slaughter, Singh clarified that the Centre will not impose any restrictions on one’s choice of food. However, even as Singh spoke, scores of people in the Mizoram capital participated in a “beef ban bashing banquet” organized by a local organization. ( PTI

Kerala BJP and RSS have joined hands to start a co-operative society to sell meat which includes bovine meat as well as fish, a Malayalam daily Deshabhimani reported on July 5, 2017.

July 17, 2017 Goa’s BJP CM Manohar Parikar who also holds the animal husbandry portfolio in the assembly session replied to BJP assembly members concern over the poor quality of Beef imported from Congress ruled neighboring state Karnataka; "Approximately 2,000 kgs beef is produced per day at the state abattoir of the Goa Meat Complex Limited, while rest of beef is brought in from Karnataka. Parrikar said he would issue directions to the department concerned to carry proper inspection of beef imported from Karnataka. Parrikar further added that "The Goa Meat Complex Ltd has no problem in slaughtering more animals if they are brought there by traders,"
Modi’s New Cattle Trade Rules that has been stayed by the SC on July 12, 2017 violates Right of a Person to Freedom of Choice regarding Food as enshrined in Indian Constitution and it is also violating the rights of the farmers to trade. Under this law farmers cannot sell the cattle in the market for slaughter but slaughter houses can come to the farmer and buy cattle for slaughter. Then majority of the farmers are not educated how they can comply with filling out numerous forms about the origin & ownership of the animal in question? First the farmers/dairy operators will be exploited by the bureaucracy and than by Slaughterhouses that can make a cartel to give them less price for their cattle.

Modi aka BJP is paving the way for its handlers like Adani, Ambani, Tata and other foreign MNC’s to control the meat and animal hide trade that is worth Billions of Dollars. UP slaughterhouses alone employs 25 lacs people with a turnover of Rs. 15,000.00 crore is the highest producer of meat in India. The meat industry is likely to grow at a compound growth rate of 8.4% over the next five years. The processed meat industry is growing even much faster, at about 20%. The meat export from India is about $4.5 billion and raw hide to leather goods is another $5.5 billion. About 22 mil people are in the workforce and the meat export industry is expected to grow 50% in 5 years. Beside that 70% of Indians are non-vegetarians. Domestic per capita meat consumption in India is very low -- around 5 kg as compared to the world average of 47 kg. With rising incomes  between 2003 and 2012, their meat consumption rose by 6.3% a year. It is expected to rise by another 3.5% a year between 2013 and 2022. 
Apart from 73.7 lakh tons of meat in 2016-17, India also produced 108 lakh tons of fisheries in 2015-16 ranking 2nd after China. India is the number 1 and largest exporter of shrimp fish in the world. This industry is growing at a robust pace of 8% per annum. The business is valued at Rs. 1 Lakh Crores and employees about 150 lakh people. Andhra Pradesh occupying the first place, West Bengal 2nd and Modi’s Gujarat at 3rd place in fish production in India.                     

The demonetization was also done for these very influential people so that they can control food business worth billions that is traditionally run on cash basis by the informal sector. On top of that to pave the way for billions of dollars that can be made in transaction fees in the guise of digital money from the less fortunate and financially most vulnerable people of Indian society. Rich have credit cards they don’t pay any fees to use it rather they are rewarded with points and cash back for its use; it is the merchant that pays the fees for accepting it. The poor has to get a “Pre Paid Debit Card” for a fee with a monthly maintenance fee and fee for loading money; a biggest ponzy scheme ever invented by the American Financial Industry to loot the poor.

Coming to Team Modi & Hinduwadi’s understanding of Hinduism, its history, its writing on eating meat and views of various learned scholars; All of them are a very big disappointment. Team Modi should do some soul searching why Atal Bihari Bajpai avoided the trap of cow laid by the bogus Hindutva supporters that has no love for their own 50 crore (500 million) extremely poor Hindus living a miserable life.                                                                                                 

According to Sanskrit Scholar Rajani K Dixit, “there is no such thing as Holy Cow in the Vedas”. The Vedas consider bovines important for milk, beef, agriculture and transport but not divine or holy. The word ‘Aghnyaa’ applies only to a milch cow because it is not economical to kill it. A Vaisha cow is meant for beef, and especially reserved to an extent for Brahmins only. Atharva 12.4(13) tells us that in case a Brahmin begs for a cow from a non-Brahmin, “even if that person has a beef-dinner at his house, he has to select another cow to slaughter for his own dinner, than the one that is asked for”. The word ‘Aghnyaa’ (not to be killed) coined by Rigveda for young milch cows was the main cause of the Hindu misunderstanding that cows or bovines are not to be slaughtered. 

The Rigveda has never used the word ‘mother’ for a cow. There is no punishment recommended for a cow slaughterer even if some one kills a young milch cow. Beef-eating is also not taboo. Beef parties are not only allowed but highly appreciated, and a person who cooks beef for his guests is praised by the term ‘Atithi-gva’ ‘one who offers beef to guests’.           3

Ritual sacrifice of a bull is a must in worship to the God Indra. Beef parties also seem a regular affair in weddings (RV 10.85). Cows are not sacred and beef is not forbidden to Hindus. Here is a line from a verse ascribed to the god Savita, the presiding deity of the Gayatri Mantra, describing a dinner party he is hosting: “At night we are going to kill cows” (RV.10.85(19). RV 10.89 (14) mentions “cows for food, laying scattered on the grounds of a slaughter house”. Mark that the author does not use the word ‘animals’ but ‘cows’, showing that beef was the most popular item, and the cow the most slaughtered animal. RV 10.95(6) says that “old cows which do not give milk” are “only fit to be cooked”. It further states that “useless cows ….are taken to be cooked, but never milch cows”. It is clear that slaughter houses are not banned, beef is allowed and useless bovines are allowed to be slaughtered in Hinduism.

Aadi shankaraachaarya born in 788 CE in Kerala: in his commentary on Brahadaranyako Upanishad 6/4/18 says:’Odaan’ rice mixed with meat is called ‘maansodan’ on being asked whose meat it should be, he answers ‘Uksha’ is used for an ox, which is capable to produce semen. Currently 72 communities including some upper caste Hindus in Kerala prefer beef to the mutton and some prefer it because it is cheaper than mutton.

Hinduisms great propagator Swami Vivekaanand said: "You will be surprised to know that according to ancient Hindu rite and rituals, a man cannot be a good Hindu who does not eat beef ". (The complete works of Swami Vivekanand vol :3/5/36)                                                    

VD Savarkar the Hindutva Icon and Icon of Hindu religious & political parties including BJP; espoused his views in Vidnyan Nishta Nibandh, that the cow, like the peepal tree, should be cared for, as something useful to humans, which meant eating it as well if need be. He insisted that a superstitious mindset towards cows would ruin India's intellect and that cows should be protected for their economic use to man, and not because of their ‘divinity’. Attributing religious qualities to it gives it a godly status. Such a superstitious mindset destroys the nation’s intellect. “When humanitarian interests are not served and in fact harmed by the cow and when humanism is shamed, self-defeating extreme cow protection should be rejected.”              

Every now and then, an admirer of Savarkar raises the topic. “Can anyone imagine that the ‘Father of Hindutva’ advocated beef-eating (in special circumstances), rejected the divinity of the Vedas, denounced the sanctity of the caste system and launched a virulent attack on the hypocrisy of the priests?” wrote Ved Pratap Vaidik, a journalist close to several Hindutva figures. “Incidentally, Savarkar was a beef-eater,” wrote Varsha Bhonsle on Savarkar’s birth anniversary, February 26, in 1998. “For he was, above all else, a rationalist – a true Hindu – and eons ahead of contemporary Hindutvawadis.” (“Why is the Cow a Political Animal?” S. Joshi)

Mahatama Gandhi was approached for total ban on Cow Slaughter in India. His reply was, “I have been long pledged to serve the cow but how can my religion also be the religion of the rest of the Indians? It will mean coercion against those Indians who are not Hindus. The assumption of the Hindus that India now has become the land of the Hindus is erroneous. India belongs to all who live here. Earlier on 25th July 1947 he also said that "The Hindu religion prohibited cow slaughter for the Hindus, not for the world. The religious prohibition came from within. Any imposition from without meant compulsion. Such compulsion was repugnant to religion."                                                                                                               4

A Brahmin’s Cow Tales by D. N. Jha a high cast Brahmin himself. The cow as a sacred animal, Jha believes, did not really gain currency until Dayanand Saraswati's cow protection movement in the 19th century". The cow became a tool of mass political mobilization with the organized cow-protection movement," the historian points out. "The killing of cows stopped gradually with the agrarian society and caste rigidity. The Brahmins found it convenient to say that those who ate beef were untouchable. But they themselves continued to consume it, recommending it for occasions such as shraadh. The beef-eating habits of Indians which existed in Rig Vedic times and continued till the 19th century and after, despite repeated Brahminical injunctions against cow-killing. That ancient Hindus, including Brahmins, were beef-eaters, willing to incur the minor penalty that an agrarian society began imposing on cow-killers, and that this fondness for cattle meat had nothing to do with Islam or Christianity.       

For those who blame Muslims for the practice of Cow slaughter in India: Babar’s first act after conquering Delhi was to forbid the killing of cows. They must read Babar’s Directives (Wasiyyat namd-i-majchfi) a secret testament to his son Humayun and his future generations. For the stability of the Empire, O my son!, “The realm of Hindustan is full of diverse creeds. Praise be to God, the Righteous, the Glorious, the Highest, that He hath granted unto thee the Empire of it. It is but proper that thou, with heart cleansed of all religious bigotry, should dispense justice according to the tenets of each community.’ “And in particular refrain from the sacrifice of cow, for that way lies the conquest of the hearts of the people of Hindustan; and the subjects of the realm will, through royal favour, be devoted to thee. And the temples and abodes of worship of every community under Imperial sway, you should not damage. Dispense justice so that the sovereign may be happy with the subjects and likewise the subjects with their sovereign. The progress of Islam is better by the sword of kindness, not by the sword of oppression.” (Abstracted from the 1936 book The Mughal Empire From Babar To Aurangzeb, by SM Jaffar of Peshawar. It mentions that “the original document is in Persian and is treasured in the Hamida Library at Bhopal as one of its heirlooms.”)                                    
The British Origin of Cow-Slaughter in India (published 2002) by Gandhian historian Dharampal. His book draws from official documents to show that the riots of 1880-1894 were not the obvious Hindu-Muslim conflagration they were made out to be. The book cites accounts of how “many prominent Muslims as well as the Parsis and Sikhs actively participated in the (cow protection) movement.” Dharampal wrote that large-scale cow slaughter was not the handiwork of Muslims who came to India from central and western Asia. “The question of the sacrifice of a cow did not arise as the land where Islam arose did not have many cows.”           

Mughals were habituated to the meat of goats and mutton, sacrificing camels on the occasion of festivals like Eid or for large feasts, the book says. Dharampal rues the lack of research on cow killing between 1200 and 1700, when a series of Muslim kings ruled over a large part of India. But he goes on to show that systematic slaughter of cattle began in India with the East India Company establishing itself. The British, unlike the central and west Asians, were habituated to beef.  The first slaughterhouse in India was built in Calcutta (now Kolkata) in 1760 by Robert Clive, then Governor of Bengal. It could kill 30,000 animals per day. Several more slaughterhouses were set up in various parts of the country by the Commissariat Wing of the three British armies of Bengal, Madras and Bombay Presidencies. A total of 350 slaughterhouses were constructed by 1910.

Nitya Sambamurti Ghotge, a veterinary surgeon who heads Anthra, a group in Pune that has worked with rural livestock rearers since 1992. Laws against cow slaughter and Trade Rules will only criminalize the livestock trade, not protect the animals, said Ghotge. Only the smugglers and the law enforcement officials will benefit from the ban on cow slaughter, not the poor farmers or the livestock. Like the agriculture scientist Ramanjaneyulu, Ghotge holds that the cow protection laws are unjust; it is about powerful urban people outsourcing the burden of cow protection on the rural poor, she said.
As for the BJP’s claim that “cow is the only divine animal that exhales oxygen”, no living being other than plants exhale oxygen is also a myth. Animals, however, exhale unused oxygen, as lungs cannot process all the oxygen that is inhaled. According to the 2006 FAO report, the livestock sector accounts for 9 per cent of carbon dioxide derived from human-related activities, but produces a much larger share of even more harmful greenhouse gases.                                

Team Modi is least concerned about the millions of Indians; Hindus as well as non-Hindus employed directly and indirectly in the cattle trade. The millions especially children and elderly that depend on bovine meat as the cheapest source of protein. In the name of misguided Hindutva they are imposing their personal believes on the cattle breeders, traders, farmers and bovine meat eaters without considering the economic realities. There was a time when the owner could get Rs 12,000.00 to Rs. 15,000.00 for the unproductive animal from a slaughterhouse, now that has been reduced to Zero by the Gou Rakshaks/cow vigilantes. Rs 2,500.00-3,000.0 per month is the cost just to keep the animal alive for 8-10 years after the end of its economic utility. If the 10 million or so cattle that possibly end up at the abattoir every year are not culled, farmers will simply stop caring for them and let them loose in towns and cities. It will cost upward of Rs 22,000 crore to take care of them. And since the 10 million-plus will keep adding each year, till they die in their natural course, these costs would only keep on mounting up every year.  Just in the 4th year the cost could be more than Rs. 88,000.00 crore. In  BJP ruled state Rajasthan the state government is providing Rs 70.00/day for cow and Rs 35/day for calf and at the same time it is providing Rs. 25.63/person on welfare schemes in the state. Under Modi India has become an international joke that cow is more valuable than human beings!

Modi government has badly failed practically on all fronts; employment, economy, education, healthcare, international diplomacy and failed to contain insurgency in Kashmir and unrest in Bihar, Chattisgarh, Orrisa, Assam etc. because of rising poverty and inequality.             Rather Modi has become instrumental in breaking up the social brotherhood among the majority Hindus with Dalits, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist & Christians created in 70 years of independence. In 2019 Indians have to decide, “Do they want to vote again for Modi’s exclusive promise of development that has turned out to be another election rhetoric/Jumla? The reason being even after 3 years of Modi rule development is as elusive as Hinduwadi’s dream of Bharat Rashtra by putting the entire country on ethnic clashes fire.”

Compiled by
Devendra Makkar
From the writing of scholars, historians & journalist

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Saturday, November 19, 2016

Modi Carpet Bomb 80% Indians to Recover 3-5% Black Money

Modi Carpet Bomb 80% Indians to Recover 

3-5% Black Money

"Modi will not do a “Surgical Strike on Black Money”  involving the premier corporate houses and the willful defaulters because these very people spent Rs 32,000.00 crore on Modi’s campaign lasting 2 years to install him as Prime Minister of India in 2014. Neither he is going to touch any political parties including his own or religious leaders to stay politically correct."

It is very surprising why Team Modi ignored the very basic fact that the richest 1% of Indians own 53% of the country’s wealth.  Further the richest 5% own 68.6% of the country’s wealth, while the top 10% have 76.3%. At the other end of the pyramid, 53.7%  of the population (or 650 million) poor owns princely 4.1% of the nation’s wealth.  I wish Modi should have done a “Surgical Strike” to recover black money by raiding all the business premises and residences all over India of the 5,275 “willful defaulters”—together, they owe India’s banks Rs 56,521 crore.  And all the big business houses like Ambani, Adani, Tata, Birla, Sun Pharma, Jindal etc. etc. should have also been raided by the enforcement directorate. To be politically incorrect Modi should have raided every political parties premises and every politician’s homes, businesses, offices and vacation homes along with the homes of top bureaucrats, judges, law enforcement officials and religious leaders. It is an open secret that the 67% of income of the 6 National Parties is from unknown sources, could be from foreign lobbyist and intelligence agencies also. 
India’s corporate house owes the PSU Banks Rs 5 Lakh crore out of this about Rs 1.4 Lakh crore are owed by just 5 companies only.  Gautam Adani the mentor or big supporter of Modi, his group alone owe Rs 72,000.00 crore. In last 2-3 years Adani Group’s net worth has gone up by a whopping 85%! Incidentally the entire crop loan owes by all the farmers of India is also Rs 72,000.00 crore.  All these corporate houses are cooking books and people controlling them are living a very lavish life styles that includes most expansive real estates, private islands, big fat weddings, luxury Jets, yachts and big fleets of exotic cars besides tons of gold and diamond jewelry as well as a single dress/sari costing Rs. 2-3 crores . The investigators could have found numerous “Shell Companies” stashed with black money in India & abroad; used for bribing politicians, bureaucrats, judges, law enforcement and for personal luxuries including maintaining numerous comfort women in luxurious houses in different parts of India and abroad.

Already Cyrus Mistry the ousted Chairman of Tata Sons is spilling beans how the Indian corporate houses are used as personal ATM’s by their founders. Ratan Tata along with Niira Radia the famous foreign citizen lobbyist was using Tata’s corporate jets for their personal work, how Ratan Tata increased the cost of PR for the company from Rs 40 crore to Rs 60 crore by hiring Arun Nanda's Redefuusion. Mistry has accused Ratan Tata of making questionable investment decisions to invest in his friends companies to cause massive losses to Tata sons, using Tata Sons to bear the entire cost  of the Chairman Emeritus Ratan Tata’s office. This figure was about Rs 30 crore in 2015. Mistry also accused Ratan Tata for allowing directors to draw additional parallel commission from group companies.

Modi will not do a “Surgical Strike on Black Money”  involving the premier corporate houses and the willful defaulters because these very people spent Rs 32,000.00 crore on Modi’s campaign lasting 2 years to install him as Prime Minister of India in 2014. Neither he is going to touch any political parties including his own or religious leaders to stay politically correct.
This is very disturbing how could the Team Modi ignored some of the  other very important facts before embarking on “Carpet Bombing” as the Supreme Court of India has said about the so called “Surgical Strike on Black Money”?
Out of the total cash in circulation, 86% are in large denomination like Rs 500 & Rs 1000 notes because with Rs 100 note practically you can not buy any thing in India. Some economists have questioned the decision to introduce the Rs 2,000 note. They say if the policy is designed to force people into the banking system why issue a higher denomination note - presumably an even more convenient vehicle for black money transactions? May be Team Modi wanted to make life easier for their campaign donors by introducing the higher denomination notes. The weight of Rs 1 crore in Rs 1000 notes is 12 Kg and with the introduction of Rs 2000 notes; it will be 6 Kg only that is practically very inconvenience for an adult to carry even on his body!

Less than 35% people have access to Banks and post offices in India. If one takes into account the Income Tax raids data for last 2 years  the cash component is only 6% that also include Jewelry. Majority those who have black money, it is invested in real estate, benami bank accounts , gold, silver and diamond. Those who are well educated and are at the upper end of the wealth spectrum; besides all the above they have invested their black money in most expansive furniture, furnishing, marble, granite, fine arts, paintings, rare scotch whiskey and wines also.

The informal sector in India accounts for about 45 per cent of the GDP and employs nearly 80 percent of the population. In other words about 80 percent of the people in the country have already been deprived of their livelihoods for more than a week and there are no signs that the normalcy can return even in next 2-3 weeks.

Practically entire rural economy is cash especially commodity business of production and distribution for variety of reason including lack of  education, lack of faith in banking and very limited access to banking.  After Team Modi failed to push their Land Acquisition Act for the benefit of Indian and foreign corporate houses; they allowed FDI in food distribution in 2016 budget to pave the way for the big corporations to control Food Production and Supply Business. First of all allowing FDI in food business was an assault on the rural economy and sovereignty of India. India has already given up the control on communication to foreigners and with FDI in food distribution it will put the entire nation at the mercy of foreign companies. Team Modi’s land acquisition act to control the rural economy failed may be this latest “Carpet Bombing  in the name of Black Money” is to paralyze the rural economy to pave the way for FDI/Foreign corporations to control the rural economy and food distribution of India.

Already Modi has created a special place for himself in Indian history that he will be known as the first Prime Minister that put his hand in people's mouth to take out the food they were eating and took away their profession of skinning dead animals. His anti-poor acts in the name of Cow and Hinduism is an assault on the poor of India that includes more Hindus than other minorities.

Team Modi has failed miserably in last 21/2 years on their promises of free speech, jobs, equal rights, education for all, universal healthcare, infrastructure and freedom to practice religion of one’s choice. By demonetizing  Rs 500 and Rs 1000 notes aka doing “Carpet Bombing in the name of recovering Black Money” on the 80% of the population, Team Modi is depriving them of their livelihood. They are in violation of Article 21 that guarantees  as Fundamental Right, “Right to life and personal liberty”.   Even the SC, in its landmark judgement in 1985 in the matters of Olga Tellis and others Vs the Mumbai Municipal Corporation, said: "no person can live without the means of living, that is the means of livelihood. If, the right to livelihood is not treated as a part of constitutional right to life, the easiest way of depriving a person of his right to life would be to deprive him of his means of his livelihood to the point of abrogation." According to the interpretation of SC ruling, Team Modi is depriving a large section of the society their Right to Life by depriving them of their livelihood. Already more than 47 deaths have been reported all over India because of Team Modi’s ill-conceived demonetization.

Lastly, Team Modi completely forgot about the NRI”s that supported them big time during 2014 elections and for bringing hired crowd for Modi’s rally’s in New York, London and other foreign cities. There is no provision for them to go to PSU Bank’s foreign branch to convert old currency notes into new. Especially the NRI’s who do not travel much to India and got Indian currency after paying in with their hard earned foreign currency, they have no recourse to get back their money. May be these NRI’s can use the old currency notes to make garlands for the central ministers and PM Modi’s future visits to their countries.

Dave Makkar
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Saturday, June 20, 2015

WHO IS A HINDU LEADER: A person who is cruel, dishonest, coward, racist especially to his/her own community, does not mind dividing Hindus on the basis of caste and region, does not believe in basic human rights, dignity of a Hindu and above all who do not understand and respect Hindu religion; is a Hindu Leader.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

India a Nation Without Identity Heading For Destruction

India is losing once more by focusing on Israel-US engineered external threats rather than its internal failures. India is in the top ten nations with the widest socio-economic gap. It is an economically, socially and politically failed state for majority of its 1.2 billion citizens; who can not solve its socio-economic, religious and political problems including its Land dispute with Pakistan since 1948 over Kashmir. 

Indian citizens rich and poor are sick of its Political Leaders; they consider them morally, ethically, financially and legally corrupt as well as uncaring for the less fortunate. India a majority Hindu country of 1.2 billion where 665 mil Indians practice open defecation against 37 mil defecate in open in China with almost 1.5 billion people. 700 million Hindus are living in poverty in India, which includes 70 million Hindu Child Labor Force. In fact India has the largest Army of 85 million Child Labor out of 800 million poor living in dire poverty. India’s dismal record after 6 decades of independence in literacy, social hygiene, health, female child survival rate, diarrhea deaths, farmer suicides, mass deforestation and mass increase in poverty is big shame on those who says India is shining. 

India’s elite world famous Billionaires part of the 56 million filthy rich Indians are living side by side with almost a billion poor and treat them as sub humans who are burden for the country. It looks like Indian Leadership political, religious and business rather than being ashamed of this, are proud to have more than 800 million Indians living under extreme poverty & inhuman conditions. They have the insanity to say “India is shining”. A  former diplomat, politician, author and thinker Pavan Varma wrote in his book “Being Indian” that in the Indian elite “there is a remarkable tolerance for inequality, filth and human suffering”. He adds that “concern for the deprived and the suffering is not a prominent feature of the Indian personality. The rich in India have always lived a life quite oblivious to the ocean of poverty around them”. Less than 10-15 minutes from every slum in any major city of India there are very expansive heavily guarded residential areas with houses rather mini palaces costing few million dollars to $1 Billion Mukesh Ambani’s Palace. One city: two universes.

Such failures have gone largely unaddressed for past 6 decades and still are not being addressed with honesty by any of the Indian leader. This is sending India to a tipping point that will prove more dangerous to its very existence as one nation than any threat from Pakistan trained terrorist fighting an unholy war in the name of religion.

Democracy means an independent judiciary with common civil, criminal & personal laws for every citizen and a culture that values expression as well as equal respect for all religions. In America, Europe and Canada Democracy also means that citizenship and nationality are one and the same. But that’s not the case in India. People are first Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain, Christian etc. then they are Jat, Ahir, Brahmin, Vashya, Kayasth, Kshatriya, Bhapey, Ramgariye, Shia, Suni, Wahabi, Catholic, Protestant etc. and then they are Gujarati, Bihari, Bengali, Punjabi, Madrasi, Maratha, Gujarati, Rajasthani etc None of them ever feel or say they are Indian first.

Indian Democracy is fractured multi religious and multi regional democracy. There was a time to be part of the collective elite in the Federal government and its enterprise of license Raj to promote incompetent enterprises; a citizen must be part of Hindu clan. Although all other religious minorities as per the constitution are supposedly equal citizens. A distorted solution called 60% “Reservations” based on Caste, Religion and Region in the name of equality was adopted and is still being practiced knowingly that it has produced more rift among communities rather than bringing them closer to each other. Despite this knowledge Indian leaders now wants to implement Women’s Reservation in every sphere of life to widen the rift among the different sections of the society. Caste and gender based Reservations is a major factor that confirms that there is no such thing as Indian Nation.

India lacks an identity that supersedes caste, ethnicity, religion, gender and region, which can unify all its citizens as equal members of a shared Nation with a shared destiny reached through common goals. The multi-fractured nature of Indian society goes beyond the healthy human disagreement and debate inherent to a healthy democracy, instead prompting the question whether India’s 1.2 billion citizens; Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Buddhist, Jain and Christian further sub-divided into more factions are actually want to be “Indians’.

For India to be a successful democracy it must address its internal instabilities to avoid disintegration of North, South, East and West to pre British era rule of small providences ruled by feudal lords. Big decisions are pending for decades demanding national consensus that will affect the future composition of India, internal peace and security from hostile neighbors namely China and Pakistan. In question are not only the relationship between Hindu, Muslims, Sikhs, Buddhist and Christians but also between religious and seculars and between Maratha and Biharis, North Indians and South Indians, Gujarati Hindus and the rest of the Hindus.

For India to be at peace with its neighbors namely Pakistan, it must first be at peace with itself. It is a hefty and long delayed process but there are few objectives Indian leaders across the board from every religion, caste, region and every citizen must join together to work towards in building an Indian identity.

1. There should be one Education system for all. Today multiple splintered groups of citizens attend multiple kinds of schools that deliver different kinds of curriculum and religious message including hate for other religions. The majority well to do Hindu, Muslim, Sikh, Christians, Jain etc enroll in private schools, similar to any other western country. Religious among them as well as not so well to do study in semi-publicly funded religious schools run by Hindus, Sikhs, Muslims and Christian Charities to propagate their religion is better than other religions. Muslims and Christians are using them to encourage conversions with anti-Hindu agenda and Sikhs are using them to spread hatred against Hindus as well to rewrite history that Sikhism is not connected to Hinduism in any manner. Largely underserved poor from all ethnic and religious back ground attend state/municipal schools famous for no teachers, no buildings or run down buildings with hardly any facilities for physical or educational training.

How does Children from a society especially like India with multi religious, multi region and multi groups with in one religion can forge an identity who grow up with different understanding of their country? How do citizens learn to live together and respect each other when they are raised in a hate filled segregated environment promoting one religion to be superior over others, one class from the same religion is superior to other classes of the same religion and one region of India is superior than the other?

2. Civil Service must be made compulsory for all citizens disregarding their social, political, religious and financial status for a minimum of 2 years during the age of 18 to 24. Serving one’s own community in India through civil service or military service with emphasis on service and self sacrifice will make sense. The minorities across the board whether Dalit Hindus, Muslims, Christians & Sikhs would have a better opportunity when demanding equality and respect.

3. A confusing constitution with special rights and privileges to one religion and few regions is most glaring deficiency of Indian democracy. India must ratify a constitution that enshrines equal rights and protection for all citizens; recognize all indigenous minority are separate religion from majority Hindu religion but still preserve the Hindu character of the country in the same way as America is quote, unquote a Christian nation but the Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs, Buddhist, Jain, Jews and other minorities has no trouble living there. A constitution is the ultimate symbol of national unity: One Country One Law; one document from which all citizens will be judged equally, fairly and respectfully.

4. India must abolish its caste, religion and region based Reservation policies in education, legislature and government jobs. This policy has failed to serve its purpose. Those who need help are not getting it at all. All financial help should be purely based on economic status of the family for basic necessities of life and education purposes only up to under graduate level. When it comes to professional/degree colleges and government jobs; Merit must prevail. Once they make it through merit the financial assistance can kick in again for those who need it and can not afford to pay.

5. To tackle the rising population, which is responsible for poverty to major extent. India must adopt 1 Child per Family for a minimum of 30 years. All Indians must understand you can not grow land and natural resources. India with over 1.2 billion people is already overpopulated, which is putting constraints on natural resources.  The adoption of 1 Child per Family is only possible when every body start thinking they are Indian first before they are any thing else.

Lack of Indian identity is tearing the country apart, why no Indian leader Political, Religious or Business has seriously gone down the path of installing an Indian identity among its citizens? Attacking external religious extremism has always been preferable to Indian politicians rather than confronting its own home grown religious fanatics and failures to provide for its citizens.

Indian political, religious and business leaders must pay attention to the vast majority of Indians whose voice they are ignoring. They are the sane and rational India with their hopes for better future, looking for progress, prosperity along with peace and harmony among all citizens. In the Parliamentary Elections their voices are barely heard because all the Indian Politicians are promoting their early 19th century policies based on caste, religion and backwardness not nationalism the “Indian Identity”. A new twist to make things worse is Israeli influence among the majority Hindu community in main political Parties namely Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, Janta Dal and Samajwadi Party of Industrialist Anil Ambani. On top of that the Zionist Economic Policies Congress aka BJP have implemented in India are for rich only with no scope of economic progress for 90% of Indians. These policies will ultimately break India into pieces like Russia or make it a moral, ethical, financial and military wreck like America under Israeli slavery. If Indians are really serious in saving their country they must look beyond Congress, BJP, Shiv Sena, VHP etc. who are ruining India by accepting the Israeli slavery of India like America.  

Dave Makkar


SHAHEED BHAGAT SINGH "There can be no equality, not even in politics and before the law, so long as there is glaring inequality in economic power."

India has blindly adopted the Zionist Economic Policies, without taking into account America; a one time Super Power is barely crawling and can’t even walk under the load of these Anti-common people and Pro 1% Rich policies. The top 1% owns 43% of the US assets, 9% owns 40%, 10% owns 10% and bottom 80% owns princely 7% US assets. Today   America  has 50 mil people on Food Stamps, 20 mil unemployed, 30 mil under-employed, 16 mil children facing hunger, 2.5 mil homeless youth and 70 mil with no health insurance. Above all $17 Trillion external debts, $4 Trillion state government debt and $175 Trillion in unfunded liabilities. Today if you sell every American’s assets the total that can be realized is $78 trillion!

US Economic Policies a Perfect recipe to kill the   Main Street  of any Country (Data & Charts) 


Wednesday, May 6, 2015

India’s Farm Land Acquisition Act: Bonanza for Rulers & their Financiers

India has a long history of its ruler’s fascination with Farm Land and Forest Land. Whether it was ancient Kings or Mughal or British invaders turn rulers as well as the current rulers after independence; every one has been robing the farmers of their Land in broad day light by giving excuses that they are doing it for the sake of development. Still India is a country of 1.35 billion, where 665 mil Indians practice open defecation against 37 mil defecate in open in China. In fact India has the world’s largest army of 85 million child labor out of 830 million poor living in dire poverty.  India’s elite world famous billionaires part of the 56 million filthy rich Indians are living side by side with almost a billion poor and treat them as sub humans who are burden for the country. A  former diplomat, politician, author and thinker Pavan Varma wrote in his book “Being Indian” that in the Indian elite “there is a remarkable tolerance for inequality, filth and human suffering”. He adds that “concern for the deprived and the suffering is not a prominent feature of the Indian personality. The rich in India have always lived a life quite oblivious to the ocean of poverty around them”. Less than 10-15 minutes from every slum in any major city of India there are very expansive heavily guarded residential areas with houses rather mini palaces costing few million dollars to $1 Billion Mukesh Ambani’s Palace. One city: two universes.
India’s Land Acquisition Act was enacted in 1894 by British rulers; it gave unlimited power to the government to acquire any land. The Act allowed governments all over India to acquire land from the public. After independence India adopted the same L.A. Act and no one bothered to make any changes in it because it was an easy way for the politicians and corporations to make money. The only person who lost money and livelihood was the individual and their families whose land was being acquired. Rather in 1985 the language added was to make it easier for politicians and corporate to take over land at throw away prices. “Whenever it appears to the [appropriate Government] the land in any locality [is needed or] is likely to be needed for any public purpose [or for a company], a notification to that effect shall be published in the Official Gazette [and in two daily newspapers circulating in that locality of which at least one shall be in the regional language], and the Collector shall cause public notice of the substance of such notification to be given at convenient places in the said locality.” Practically for 66 years from 1947 to 2013 every government/political party in center as well as all the states chose not to do anything and has been using this as source to generate black money to fight elections. It was only in 2013, the Congress led United Progressive Alliance (UPA) brought in “The Right to Fair Compensation and Transparency in Land Acquisition, Rehabilitation and Resettlement Act 2013. Although this also has some major flaws but it was the first time that some one thought of protecting the farmers, tribal and landless poor. Unfortunately UPA could not implement this law and 2014 Modi government was installed at the center by the corporate world.
Corporations and politicians all these years in day light robbery after taking over Farm Land at throw away prices have been getting the “Land Use” changed over night and land becomes 1,000 to 10,000 times more in worth. Then the scam of acquiring Panchayat Land or Shamlat Land that is owned by the entire village marked for animal grazing especially for marginal farmers and landless owners of few animals has been going on for over a century. This is done by the prospective buyer with bribes to Patwari’s, Gram Panchayat members, Nayab Tehsildar, Tehsildar, DC, Gramin Mantri, Judges in case if a villager approach for stay and off course the Chief Minister of the State who gets his/her share before any one else and only than there are verbal orders issued to go ahead with the project. Now after acquiring the Farm Land to get its “Land Use” changed the buyer once again pay bribes to CM, DC, Urban Minister, Judges in case if environmentalist or villagers approach the court for stay besides the usual development charges as per the government notification for that particular area. Farm Land has always been the biggest money source rather black money for every ruling party in every state. If a serious investigation is done one can find how the real estate companies came into existence and some of the famous 5 star hotels, resorts, malls, luxury Farm houses and residential complexes were built on Farm Land as well as Shamlat or Panchayat Land. The worst part is the farmers and their family members who used to own this land are now working as Gardner, Watchman, Cleaners, cooks and Drivers in these properties.

The Forest Land on which millions of people specially tribal and landless villagers depend for their survival by collecting minor wild oil seeds, herbs, fruits and flower is much easier to acquire. Bribe all the concerned politicians, bureaucrats, Judges and environmentalist and get the land for few paise per year per yard lease for 99 years, no need to buy and spend money on stamp papers etc.!
Every central and state government prior to the current one in India always used to think covertly (behind closed doors) that it owns the country’s resources. That is the reason we had numerous scams under Congress, Janta Party and BJP governments and their allies. But this time BJP that has come to rule the country at the Center as a single party with a massive majority for any party  after 30 years is openly sending a message that they own the resources. This is wrong for a Democracy, BJP must understand that "Country’s resources belong to the people and the Land owned by Farmers must remain with the farmers.” Let them decide in a transparent frame work what is to be done with the resources in the best interest of the country and majority of its citizens not the 1% that owns the politicians and are trying to take over the country.

The politicians always raise the bogey of land for public use, power and defense also. These are misleading claims with criminal intent to rob the farmers. The public use to make road and bridges government earn vehicle road tax and toll tax  to offset the cost of land and construction. For Power Plants that has now come in private sector also the operator is going to make big profits by selling energy to the consumers. Defense is a multi billion dollar industry with very high profit margins that should not be provided land at subsidized rates. The Indian Industrial houses Reliance, Adani, Tata, Jindal, Ruia’s etc has unprecedented political access and power. All these corporations unlike East India Company do not have their private army but soon will be making all kinds of war heads, missiles, helicopters, air planes, ammunition and other sophisticated military gadgets because BJP’s FM Arun Jaitley has increased the FDI limit to 49% from 26% for this Industry. Just few days before the budget Middleman/Lobbyist has been legalized in India for deals with the government including defense deals. Now there won’t be any shortage of Radia’s openly operating in the corridors of power to influence law makers for favors for their corporate clients. Do these multi-billionaires really need to be given Land at a subsidized rate there should be an open public debate on this issue.

Even after Congress party’s catastrophic defeat in 2014 due to rampant corruption and massive scams the country’s crony capitalists are unlikely to suffer as a result. The nexus between business and politics is as tight as it has ever been. BJP spent Rs 32,000 crore to bring Narendra Modi to power with massive corporate donations. BJP is estimated to have spent at least Rs 6,200 crore on print and broadcast advertising alone. Of these donations, around 90% comes from unlisted corporate sources who will be rewarded when the times comes. May be under Land Acquisition Act it is pay back time for BJP to its financial supporters with cheap Land besides the Rs. 62,398.6 crore for 2014-2015, the revenue government is expected to forego because of exemptions and deductions given to corporates. Modi’s FM Jailey’s is bringing down the Corporate Tax from 30 per cent to 25 per cent in the next four years. In USA where the corporate Tax is 35% according to CAG ; US Corporation’s effective rate of tax was 12.1% in 2011 that is 40 years low. If the effective rate in USA is 12.1% in India it has to be under 10% or in some cases 0 because Indian Corporations are more innovative; they get subsidized loans, land, electricity, break on all kinds of taxes including custom, excise, dividend tax and can book their profits in foreign countries by over invoicing or under invoicing and route it back through government approved Mauritius route. Besides plethora of credits and deductions in tax code they buy super luxury cars, luxury homes & farm houses, air planes, yachts and expansive holidays abroad in their corporation’s name for their personal, family, executive and for the use of politicians and top bureaucrats.Interestingly, the bigger the corporate the more deductions and exemptions they take.!

The current ruler PM Modi who got elected on the slogan of “Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas” (Every one’s support will bring progress to every one). If this slogan was not an election rhetoric and PM Modi aka BJP has any honesty than they must pay the Farmer according to the proposed “End Use” of their Land i.e. industrial or housing or office complex or Hotel/Amusement Parks or  public or power or defense use.  Whatever is the price of industrial or residential or Commercial land price is in the vicinity; the government can deduct development charges and 15-20% handling charges and their profit. PM Modi must understand the government has no business in a Democracy to rob the farmers and give their land at subsidized prices to billionaire industrialist. The provision of  social and economic impact assessment, environment and consent requirement that 80 percent of the affected landowners must agree to a sale must be incorporated in Land Acquisition Bill. On top of that the price to be paid to the Farmers must be based on the “End Use” of the Land being acquired.

PM Modi has been going to every country in the world and telling investors: "Come to India, Make in India" we will give you cheap land and labor'. PM Modi is telling the truth to them after robing the farmers of their land, the farmers and their family members have no choice but to become cheap laborers for his financial supporters aka MNC’s and local industrial houses. 

It was pathetic to see what Congress has been doing to the Farmers in Budget after Budget; PM Modi’s FM Jaitley has maintained the same status quo. Jaitley has Rs 4,65,277 crore only even after taking Rs 5,55,649 crores in new loans to service his/Modi’s so called growth plans for a population of 120 crore out of that 52% are farmers. He has allocated a princely sum of Rs 25,000 crore in Rural Development Fund for 62 crore farmers. That works out to be Rs 403 per farmer or Rs 2,015 if you take average size of the family 5 members in one year or Rs 167.92 per family per month provided there is no corruption. Out of the 12 crore hectare farming land only 5 crore hectare has irrigation facility rest 7 crore hectare depends on Mother Nature God; if there is timely rain the farmer will have a crop,  if the rain is delayed by a month or no rain whatever input including his labor the farmer has put in will go waste. On irrigation and flood control Jaitley has allocated Rs 5,300 crore that works out to be Rs 757 per hectare per year, provided there is no corruption, It is a shame even after 67 years after independence there is no irrigation facility for the farmer.

The government brags about Rs 70,000 crore subsidy to the farmers where as the fact is it is given to big corporations for the sale of poisonous fertilizer and pesticides to ruin the health of the farmers and consumers as well as to ruin the soil. In 2007 there was 17 crore hectare of farming land vs 12 crore hectare now. The 5 crore hectare land was given to big corporations under Special Economic Zones and other projects. Jaitley has made it very clear that this process will continue and now we have Japanese bullet train project also. It cannot be disputed that infrastructure improvements are vital if growth is to be inclusive. The question is, what types of infrastructure will be developed or investment undertaken, and who will benefit as a result. All indications are Rs 20,000 crore spending on infrastructure will not improve things for ordinary people, but instead may intensify dispossession and displacement as well as theft of resources that has already been occurring in the country under the guise of industrial corridors, Tech Cities, Luxury housing, Office Complex, Malls and SEZs, etc.
It looks like from Congress to BJP nothing has changed and going to change for the main street of India. It is business as usual; Mughal or British style perks for Politicians especially battalion of Ministers, nexus between politicians and corporations, undue economic favors to corporations etc. have become the hall mark of Modi government. On top of that the sinister agenda of fanatic Hindus in BJP & its allied parties VHP, Shiv Sena & RSS etc.; Ghar vapasi (conversion to Hinduism), Gai(Ban Cow slaughter in entire India), Godse (personification of the killer of Mahatma Gandhi) and Ganga (undue obsession) also has the silent support of Modi government. Modi said his government's decisions are guided by national interest (rashtra-neeti) and not politics (rajneeti).  How all the above qualifies in the “National Interest?” It is to be seen how long the so called high growth of India attained on the shoulders of poor, farmers and lower middle class can sustain. The day is not too far for a bloody class and caste war between the 99% have not’s and the 1% rich and clashes between Hindus and non-Hindus because of glaring economic inequalities and sinister fanatic Hindu agenda that may break India.